Fine blanking process was first introduced & patented by Germany in 1923. This technology was initially used for office machine industry &clock industry.
It is refined technique of conventional stamping .A hybrid metal forming process combining the technology of stamping & cold extrusion . Triple action presses combined with special designed tooling produce parts impossible to make with any other stamping process.
Fine blanking is extremely precise high volume manufacturing process which gives almost 100% sheared edge & flat parts with cost effectiveness & repeatability .It can replace several secondary operations.
In the last century several parts have been considered for manufacturing under this technology such as engine parts , door latches , window regulators , gear box part ,compressor parts ,exhaust flanges etc.
Several advancements in the fine blanking technology has been done through CNC tool room machines, CNC presses & raw material developments thus
Working Principle  
Process Sequence  
The Complete Fineblanking Cycle :  
Conventional Stamping Fineblanking
  Production Method  
  • Single-action machine
  • material strip not firmly
  • clamped during the
  • blanking operation
  • Sheared surface 1/3 s
  • sheared surface 2/3 s
  • Flatness Deflection of part
  • during the blanking
  • Tapered die-plate.
  • Difference in dimensions
    after to re-grinding
  • Conventionally stamped surface
  • Structure
  Production Method
  • Triple-action machine
  • FS = Shear Force
  • FR = Vee-ring indenter Force
  • FG = Counter Force
  • Material Strip is firmly Clamped during the blanking operation by V-
    ring indenter and Counter Force
  • Sheared Surface max 90% clean cut
  • Close dimensional
  • Maximum angular
  • Minimum die-roll opposite the burr side
  • Improved flatness
  • Cylindrical die-plate, thus no difference in dimensions caused by re-
  • Fineblanked surface
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